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About A Guide to Vegan

It's all in the name really - A Guide to Vegan is your ultimate guide for all things vegan-friendly in Aotearoa, New Zealand!

The A Guide to Vegan website (yes, the one you are on right now!) is an ever-growing online resource for finding out what products, restaurants, and other services are vegan-friendly in New Zealand.

We focus on how to go vegan, rather than why (not because that isn't important but because there are already many fantastic resources for that). 

A Guide to Vegan has been set up as a free resource for you - you'll never have to pay to access this helpful guide. However, you can give a koha if you'd like! 

You can support this handy resource by:

1. Following A Guide to Vegan on Facebook and Instagram. 

2. Signing up for the Mailing List.

3. Giving a koha - Every bit counts, and will help cover the costs associated with producing this free resource. Together we can help more Kiwis live a vegan lifestyle and create a more compassionate world for animals! 

A Guide to Vegan was first launched in 2016, the inspiration behind it was to help as many people as possible easily find out what vegans can eat. The very simple theory behind it is that if vegan kai is easily accessible then more animals can be saved. 

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Important Info

All products that are featured on A Guide to Vegan have been confirmed as being vegan-friendly by the companies who own each product, or they are labelled as such (i.e. on the packaging of a product or on the website of the company who makes the product).

My definition of vegan: Products free from any animal-derived ingredients. The common things avoided are eggs, meat and dairy but it also excludes honey, emulsifiers derived from animal products etc. 

This also includes being free from the use of animal products:

  • During the refining process of ingredients: for example, sugar and vinegar. Sometimes sugar companies use bone char or other animal products in the refining process, and in NZ it is common for white vinegar to use animal products in the fermenting process.

  • During any part of the processes used to develop the individual ingredients, i.e. other ingredients that are often used such as vitamin D (often derived from sheep's wool), wine and beer (often fish, milk, eggs and gelatin and other animal products are used during the clarifying/refining process).

  • That aren't listed on the ingredients list. For example, some lollies use unlisted glazing agents that contain shellac.

Note: I still consider food and products free from animal derived ingredients vegan if they have been made on the same equipment or in the same oil as animal products because none of their direct ingredients contains animal products. This means that the products listed on A Guide to Vegan may not be suitable for people with allergies. 

Vegan products can also still contain palm oil.

Palm oil: I acknowledge and respect that many vegans do not wish to purchase products containing palm oil. As this "ingredient" itself is not directly derived from an animal source, I have still included products that contain palm oil on A Guide to vegan. Where possible, I specify which products contain palm oil (including RSPO certified palm oil). This way you can make an informed decision about what you would like to purchase.

Animal testing: Where possible, I include information about whether or companies producing the products on A Guide to Vegan, tests any of their products or product ingredients on animals. Where possible I also include information about parent companies that test on animals so that you can know exactly what you are supporting. You can find out more about animal testing in NZ at NZAVS.

Other disclaimers: Where possible, I also include other important disclaimers about companies. I.e. If a company has made homphobic statements as I think this is valuable information for you to know before choosing whether or not to purchase their products. 

Although I make sure that products are vegan-friendly before they are added to A Guide to Vegan, nothing is perfect and companies can change their ingredients without informing me. I aim to check the vegan status of products regularly but I can not guarantee that these products will be vegan forever. It's still wise to check the ingredients list!

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