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Collaborate with A Guide to Vegan

With over 19,000 followers on Facebook, over 4,500 followers on Instagram and a website that receives thousands of views a month, A Guide to Vegan is the go-to spot for Kiwis wanting to find out what products, restaurants and services are vegan-friendly in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Why spend thousands on advertising and trying to reach the right target audience when you can pay a fraction of the price and instantly reach the vegan community?! Find out more below.

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There are many ways you can collaborate with A Guide to Vegan (more on those further down the page) but one of the best ways to promote your products, restaurant or services is via social media posts on my platforms. My posts have a great organic reach, for example on Facebook I've made posts that have organically (unpaid) reached over 100,000 people. 

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Ways to Collaborate 

It's free to have your vegan products listed in my online directory, but there are many other ways that I can help promote your products. You can find these options below, get in touch if you have another idea - I'm always up for trying out new collaborations!

Social Media and Website

1 X guaranteed post on Facebook

1 X guaranteed post on Instagram + post shared on Instagram story

1 X ad on the website homepage for 1 week (see website ad examples below)

1 X feature in one of my monthly update emails to my mailing list

Cost: $400


These are personalised to fit the product or service. Giveaways run for 1 week on my social media platforms. See examples of past giveaways below.
They may also feature on my website and mailing list, but this is not guaranteed. 

Cost: $50 + I also receive the same products that are included in the giveaway as a PR gift. This way I can promote the giveaway better. 

Website Blog Post

These are personalised to fit the product or service but may include a PR pack being sent to me with products to try to write about.

The blog post sits permanently on my website, is shared on Instagram (+ Instagram stories), and Facebook and is promoted in my monthly newsletter to my mailing list. 

You can see an example of a blog post that I wrote for Kapiti Ice Cream here

Cost: $500


I'm open to other ways of collaborating so just reach out and get in contact if you have an idea!

Examples of Website Ads

Examples of Giveaways

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