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Products NOT added to
A Guide to Vegan

Products are only added to my vegan directory if:

1. They are labelled as vegan.

2. They are confirmed vegan by the company that makes them. 

Sometimes products that I expect to be vegan aren't, and other times, companies refuse to confirm that their products are vegan (which is a huge red flag!). I've listed these types of products below. 

Products that are not vegan:

I've had confirmation that the following products are not vegan-friendly - click each image to find out more!

Products that might be vegan 

Weirdly (and annoyingly), some companies refuse to state if their products are vegan or not - even if the ingredients appear to be vegan-friendly. Below I've listed these products and will continue adding more as they pop up. 

The products below could be vegan; I just can't list them without confirmation that this is true!

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