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A Guide to Vegan

The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Making things Easy!

Welcome to A Guide to Vegan – your ultimate destination for all things vegan-friendly in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We're renowned for our Vegan Product Directory, your go-to resource for making eating vegan kai in NZ easy. 

Vegan Product Directory: New Arrivals!

My Top Picks of the Month

Vegan Cookies by Lorraine's Cookies

I was reluctant to eat these as they were so beautiful but when I did, it was hard to stop! They are custom-made vegan cookies that are made-to-order and are then shipped to you (as long as you live in NZ). Added bonus, Lorraine's Cookies is 100% vegan-friendly. 

Aotearoa Vegan Magazine

A Guide to Vegan has a regular column for the Aotearoa Vegan magazine! I write about my favourite products and vegan tips. Send me a message if there's something you'd like me to write about next. 

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The following 100% vegan companies and organisations have sponsored A Guide to Vegan. In doing so they are collectively helping cover administrative costs allowing this helpful resource to be free to use by people like you! Sponsors are passionate vegan companies and organisations run by people who genuinely want to help create a better world for animals. Want to say thank you? Give them all a follow on social media! Find out more about the sponsors here. 

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