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The Team


Tara Jackson

Founder & Director 

I've been vegan since 2013 and I was vegetarian for many years before that.

I run A Guide to Vegan in my spare time (I guess this would be considered one of my main hobbies). My full-time job is at NZAVS where I'm the Executive Director. We campaign to end animal testing in NZ which is why you'll sometimes see posts about this issue on A Guide to Vegan social media - sometimes my two passions collide!

In what other spare time do I have I:

  • Look for, travel for, and eat lots of vegan kai - the thing I'm probably best at.

  • Hang out with friends - vegan kai is normally always involved.

  • Play with and cuddle Oxana, my rescued pup.

Oxana Jackson

Assistant & Loyal Cheerleader

Oxana is a Red Nose American pit bull Terrier who started her life out at a council pound. She now spends her days cuddling up to her workaholic mum, keeping her warm and reminding her to go take breaks throughout the day. Oxana is a vital part of team A Guide to Vegan and without her love and support, this resource would not exist.

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