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A Guide to Vegan Easter Treats

Every year, around March, I optimistically read the ingredients list of any new Easter egg I spot at my local supermarket. The excitement I get when I see an Easter egg made with dark chocolate is real! Sure, 99% of the time, I read milk in the ingredients list, but I continue the hunt for accidentally vegan treats.

Read on for an overview of the vegan Easter treats I've spotted in NZ - I'll keep adding more as I discover them.

* Prices may vary between stores.

Vegan Easter treats at supermarkets and chain stores

Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Kiwi Easter Egg

Price: $8.50

Where to Buy: Select Warehouse Stores and supermarkets. Check if your local Countdown stocks this here.

The Remarkable Chocolate Co Easter Bunny Dark Chocolate Fruity

Price: $16.90